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Crews responding to fatal crash on Dunn Avenue Drivers can expect delays in the area and are encouraged to use an alternate route. JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Crews are responding to a fatal crash on Dunn Avenue, according to the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department. JFRD said the crash happened Saturday afternoon in the 6000 block of Dunn Avenue. Authorities are reporting fatal injuries and that one person is trapped inside a vehicle. Drivers can expect delays in the area and are encouraged to use an alternate route. Stay with First Coast News as this story develops. more help Crews are responding to a traffic accident with one trapped in the 6000 block of Dunn Ave .... this is now a fatal accident, expect delays in the area.

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A new hydrocarbon study contradicts conventional wisdom about how methane is trapped in rock, revealing a new strategy to more easily access the valuable energy resource. "The most challenging issue facing the shale energy industry is the very low hydrocarbon recovery rates: less than 10 percent for oil and 20 percent for gas. Our study yielded new insights into the fundamental mechanisms governing hydrocarbon transport within shale nanopores," said Hongwu Xu, an author from Los Alamos National Laboratory's Earth and Environmental Sciences Division. "The results will ultimately help develop better pressure management strategies for enhancing unconventional hydrocarbon recovery." Most of U.S. natural gas is hidden deep within shale reservoirs. Low shale porosity and permeability make recovering natural gas in tight reservoirs challenging, especially in the late stage of well life. The pores are miniscule -- typically less than five nanometers -- and poorly understood. Understanding the hydrocarbon retention mechanisms deep underground is critical to increase methane recovering efficiency. Pressure management is a cheap and effective tool available to control production efficiency that can be readily adjusted during well operation -- but the study's multi-institution research team discovered a trade-off. This team, including the lead author, Chelsea Neil, also of Los Alamos, integrated molecular dynamics simulations with novel in situ high-pressure small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) to examine methane behavior in Marcellus shale in the Appalachian basin, the nation's largest natural gas field, to better understand gas transport and recovery as pressure is modified to extract the gas. The investigation focused on interactions between methane and the organic content (kerogen) in rock that stores a majority of hydrocarbons.
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